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Apr 20

Written by: Johan Schoeman
2011/04/20 05:12 PM  RssIcon

Angola had strong Soviet and Cuban backing, and supported SWAPO/PLAN to the extend of providing assistance to the insurgents, co-locating Angolan troops in PLAN base camps in order to help protect them from South African aggression. The continued support to PLAN incursions prompted another strike by the SADF into southern Angola in 1980. This was Operation Sceptic, launched on 25 May, targeting the extensive 'Smokeshell' complex and several other base camps in Cunene province just north of the border. This is a small gallery of about 20 exclusive photos taken by Kobus Nortje during the operation.
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7 comment(s) so far...


Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

good post!

By runescape gold on   2011/09/05 04:55 AM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

Graag sou ek graag van die foto's wil sien.My Boetie GJ Kemp in 61 mech Dink is Ratel 21 is oorlede in die Show.

By Marietha Kemp on   2012/07/13 03:14 PM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

Marietha, gaan na www.warinangola.com en Registreer (dit is gratis) en dan na die Gallery... kies 'Photos of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell), 1980' en dan behoort jy almal te kan sien. Laai ook sommer die laaste ten of so Uitgawes van die Nuusbrief af (ook gratis). Dit bevat 'n redelike gedetaileerde beskrywing van die Operasie...Uittreksels uit die boek waarmee ek besig is.

By Johan Schoeman on   2012/07/14 04:03 AM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

Would love to see and hear from people who were in operation smokeshell

By Rose Sheard (nee Kruger) on   2013/06/20 07:09 PM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

I have loaded information, maps and stories about Operation Sceptic and the attack on Smokeshell on the War In Angola Portal at http://www.warinangola.com/Default.aspx?tabid=1644

By Johan Schoeman on   2013/06/21 05:31 PM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

Was in Smokeshell

By Ockert Coertze on   2013/07/16 11:09 AM

Re: Photo Gallery of Operation Sceptic (Smokeshell) added

Ockert, Please send me some of your experiences (and photos) of the operation if you have. I would like to consider it for inclusion in a book on the operation... You can email it to johan@warinangola.com

By Johan Schoeman on   2013/07/17 09:14 PM

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Re: The Battle of Mongua: From Ondjiva to Preira d’eça
Hi Dino, Are you now in a position to tell us more about the proposed erection of a statue for Mandume at Ondjiva, please
By Lukas de Waal on: 22 June 2017
Re: Operation Savannah: The battle of the casualties of the war (Part 1 of 4 parts)
Served under Col Dippenaar during 1975/6 at 3 Mil Hosp. Accommoonied him on various missions. I recal he went to Isreal for training and was an avid sportsman in fencing
By Jan Venter on: 10 June 2017
Re: Various opfoks and rondfoks during Basics
I don't comment much, have enough personal challenges to deal with.

An old Afrikaans proverb: Vra is vry, en die weier daarby/It costs nothing to ask, including the refusal.

I have always wondered...

Is there no way how the old SADF highly experienced officers, that is, those that still are alive (they are heavily chopping in our part of the woods nowadays), can somehow assist in defusing the situation with Nato/USA encroaching on Russias borders? It is just not right what is busy happening there right now.
By German volunteer on: 08 May 2017
Re: "Trying to destroy the Olifants"
Baie dankie vir jou terugvoer, Deon. Jou tenk met die mynvëer was 12A. Kontak my asseblief op johan@warinangola.com. Ek sal graag jou hele storie ook wil laai. Jy sal die volgende video wat etlike dae na die aanval gemaak is waardeer en ook jou tenk sien:

Videos - Cuito Cuanavale after the battle
blogs.warinangola.com /Videos/CuitoCuanavaleafterthebattle /tabid/278/language/en-ZA /Default.aspx (onthou om die spasies uit die link te haal!)

Hier is ook fotos van die tenks, 12A, 52, en 53....
Tank Data
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Dan is daar ook besprekings oor die tenks by War In Angola General Forums - “Operation 53”
www.warinangola.com:8088 /default.aspx?tabid=590 &forumid=3026&postid=11851 &view=topic (onthou om die spasies uit die link te haal!)

Jammer ek sien nou eers jou antwoord... ;-)


By SuperUser Account on: 10 April 2017
Re: "Trying to destroy the Olifants"
Dag Johan,
Baie intersante komentaar en het eers vandag die site ontdek.
Ek was die gunner van die tank wat die myn-vee apparaat vooraan gehad het en ook in die mynveld gelos was - Ek kan om die dood nie die roepsein onthou nie. Jy is reg, die eerste tenk het ons in n mynveld verloor gedurende die opmars. Daar is toe - eers onsuksesvol, met plofadders n pad deur die mynveld gemaak. Ons was nog besig om vuur te rig op loopgrawe met ons co-ax en af en toe n HESH as ons gedink het daars bunkers, toe ons die bevel kry om terug te trek. Ons het terug gestoot, nie omgedraai nie. maw die mynveer was nie aan die kant waarheen ons beweeg het nie, ons het afgewyk van die geveede spoor en toe die myn getrap. Die ander tank was ook in die aanval beskadig en is ook gelos. Daar was ook spar tenks wat ons het ook n klein aanval gedoen op dorpie- Bambi as ek reg onthou, met een van die spaar tenks na ons ons sn verloor het by Tumpo.
By Deon Louw on: 21 February 2017
More, ek is 'n oud-joernalis wat 'n nuwe uitdaging nodig het. Ek is meer as bereid om die verhale deur te gaan en te 'edit'.
By Sandra Harding on: 08 February 2017
Dankie Sandra. Ek moet eers sien of die manne hulle stories hier gaan laai of nie. Almal gebruik deesdae net Facebook en wil nie graag op enige ander platform iets skryf nie. So ek is nog verdeeld tussen die twee platforms. Wat my betref kan hulle gerus op enigeen pos! Maar ek sal jou aanbod definitief in die toekoms goedgunstiglik wil oorweeg! Groete ;-)
By host on: 08 February 2017
Re: 23rd of August 1978 01h15 I remember it distinctly.
Mrs. Maboea, when you write, it is like history coming alive again. Today we are old enough to sit in the Circle of the Elders, when we look back, we see our youth flowing away and old age creeping up like a thief in the night. Hope your people are fine today, there was so much unspeakable treachery and sorrow under which we all suffer today, and we, that really know what happened back then, have no stage from which our voices can be heard. We suffer and are helpless, the same for the heroic black man who soldiered on our side was also thrown to the wolves, see 32 Battalion and also the Caprivi people, and some time in history all these events will backfire on the perpetrators or their descendants, for these events will not be forgotten in the collective memory of the nations, even if it is not mainstream today anymore
By German volunteer on: 06 February 2017
Re: Operation Savannah: The battle of the casualties of the war (Part 1 of 4 parts)
Thank you for your comments, Johan. Col Dippenaar retired from the SADF as a general. He is currently the chairman of the Op Savannah veterans organisation.
By Johan du Preez on: 30 November 2016
Re: Operation Savannah: The battle of the casualties of the war (Part 1 of 4 parts)
I enjoyed this article. I served in the Medical Corps during 1973/4 and was stationed at 3 Military Hospital in Bloemfontein where Col T Dippenaar was our CO. I remember him as a jovial person and a strict Officer that cared for the staff of that Hospital. I was wondering if he is still alive today?
By Johan Kruger on: 30 November 2016
Re: 23rd of August 1978 01h15 I remember it distinctly.
It was the most terrifying moment of my life. All the Nationals who lived with us in Ngwezi township Katima Mulilo went to their rural homes that night. We were the only two black families from South Africa left behind in the township. We had nowhere to go.A miscile fell in front of our house with great thud, there was vibration everywhere and shuttered windows worsened the situation. By God's Grace the mortar didn't explode. Experts removed it. In the early morning one soldier used a loudspeaker to calm us down. We then looked through the window and saw dead people in the truck. I remember it distinctly, scary event!!
By Elizabeth Maboea on: 28 November 2016
Re: "Trying to destroy the Olifants"
For those that are not aware of this. Highly interesting, filled a few knowledge gaps for me, and I consider myself well-read:

New analysis on this conflict by mr. Stuart Sterzel, a compatriot of mine (I have never met him), and ex SADF special forces operator:


And a document on this topic by him, to be found on www.academia.edu, search for "South Africa and the Angolan War Stuart Sterzel". It is for free.
By German volunteer on: 19 October 2016
Re: 23rd of August 1978 01h15 I remember it distinctly.
Someone loaded some Katima movies:


He had a facebook entry with Katima base photos. But I remember the base (April - August 1980) quite differently (sure, memory fades with age, but some things remain quite distinct) - who has some more photos, especially around the mess, the parade ground in front of the mess, the car park for the armoured cars and the guard house at the main entrance (or was it the back entrance?). I can still draw from memory, but it looks different than in the film above.
By German volunteer on: 16 September 2016
Re: An SADF Conscript Remembers the Early 70s – Part One
Thanks, Ian. I was not always as positive, especially in the beginning when I was a sissy and a weakling. But in the end it was worth it, though. Buddies and vasbyt did the trick. I think that pig-headedness and vanity also played a role. Does it matter? I think not, since the upshot was to make me a proud soldier. Thanks again.
By The Ancient Armourer on: 15 May 2016
Re: An SADF Conscript Remembers the Early 70s – Part One
I had a bad attitude going into the Army.Basics at Walvis Bay,the voortrekkerhoogte for Dog Handling then of Lenasia 95 ammo depot.I finished and ended up going to the border twice.We were blown up in a mine at yati strip.Now,looking back I wish that I had met you with that good attitude.I am proud to have served my country.I was rifleman I.D.Chalmers 73420325.I ended up getting one stripe. The border was an experience that most young men should have.
By ian(Duncan) on: 14 May 2016